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Update 9.4 released! Food Expansion, Avatar Upgrade & Power Generation Rework
We are happy to announce the release of Eco Update 9.4! With this update comes a load of new content, gameplay mechanics, and performance improvements.

One major focus of this update was to provide more ways to express yourself via the avatar, including new animated emotes and avatar customization choices, We expanded the game with thirty new food items representing well known dishes from around the world. In addition, producing green energy is more realistic, requiring placement with proper access to the elements.

We have also been hard at work at optimization, both for the Eco client and for server calculations. You should notice significantly smoother gameplay, though optimization will continue to be a primary focus for us in future updates. Last but not least, we had a heavy focus on bug fixes and other general improvements with a full list of changes included below.

Power Generation Updates With Update 9.4, we have upgraded the mechanics for power generation objects that use solar, wind, and water to produce energy to encourage more natural placements.

Waterwheels now require flowing water to function. This means they must be placed in either rivers or underneath waterfalls, and they will produce bonus power when meeting both conditions.

Wind generators and solar panels both must be placed outside to function. Solar panels require vertical clearance to operate at full capacity while wind generators require horizontal clearance. In addition, wind generations will produce bonus energy based on their elevation level.
Exhaustion System for Public Servers
The new optional exhaustion system allows server admins to limit the amount of time per day a single player can play unrestricted on their server. This feature is designed for servers that would like to level the playing field for players who have less time to play each day or would prefer a more casual pace.

Once a player has reached the configured number of hours during a day in server time, they are prevented from performing actions that require spending calories, including using tools and adding labor into a crafting project. Any actions that do not require the consumption of calories can still be done; for example, you can still drive around with motorized vehicles, transport goods and chat and trade with other players.

Players can specify a preference on a exhaustion limit and servers that have a exhaustion limit that is around that time will get a bonus to their match score in the server browser.

Tip: If your preference has changed, you can bring up this menu again by clicking on "Set Play Times" in the games menu.

Please keep in mind that this is only a first version of this feature and that it is disabled for servers by default - it is intended to be used optionally by servers that wish to limit their players' playtime. We plan to significantly expand on this feature in Update 9.5, including a dedicated UI and the ability to earn a rested status by not playing for several days.